Wednesday, 29 January 2014

An Introduction

Food is a necessity for survival, however the concept of food has evolved to entail socialising and creativity. The purpose of this blog is to explore the role food plays in literature, specifically focusing on Middle Eastern tales and cuisine. The ubiquitous turmoil faced by the Middle East and the negative images enforced in the West result in nothing but the dividing of humanity, and a focus on otherness with regards to culture and lifestyle. However, through this blog I will be looking at dishes that unite people within the Middle East and at food that is shared with the Mediterranean and European cuisines. Through food we can highlight similarities shared by people of the world and cast aside the sour taste of war. Questions I have posed to myself include: What images of food and Middle Eastern women are prevalent in the East and West? What recipes or dishes are used as unifying tools? What political statements are made through images or the inclusion of food in literature?




     I hope to answer them all and take a unique stance on looking at the literature of food. I will also attempt to test Middle Eastern dishes that are commonly used during large gatherings to see if I too can create a community spirit through food. Let's hope everyone fits in my tiny house!


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